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As an Experienced Certified Master Inspector, Omega Home Inspection will prepare your easy-to-read Inspection Report with photos and details on:
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  • The condition of every major components and equipment systems from the roof to the basement
  • Major and minor deficiencies uncovered with explanation of conditions
  • Anticipated repairs and expenditures in the near and long term
  • Helpful home maintenance do-it-yourself tips
  • We also explain how the various systems in a home function
  • Potential safety and health hazards
  • Inspection report delivered the same day or within 24 hours

A Typical Home Inspection Includes

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  • Exterior Surfaces, Grading, Drainage
  • Garage, Driveway, Sidewalks
  • Foundations, Footing, Concrete Slabs
  • Roof, Attic, Insulation & Ventilation
  • Plumbing, Water Heater, Plumbing Fixtures
  • Electrical Panel, Outlets, Switches, Electrical Fixtures
  • Heating and Cooling Systems (Furnace and A/C Units)
  • Structural Framing, Joists, Beams, Columns
  • Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors
  • External Siding, Trim, Gutters, Downspouts
  • Doors, Windows
  • Porch, Deck, Railings
  • Kitchen Appliances, including Recall Checks

List of Services

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Pre-Purchase Inspections – Know Before You Buy
Pre-purchase inspections are performed for the buyer to identify defects or discrepancies prior to purchasing the home to negotiate repairs or request price adjustments. This inspection is a must and greatly beneficial in helping you decide on what is likely the biggest financial commitment you will ever make.

Pre-Listing Inspections – Know Before You Sell
Having the home inspected prior to placing on the market is an ideal way to identify and either repair or disclose the issues found during the inspection. It’s also an effective way to anticipate what buyers may ask for before committing to purchase the home.

New Construction Inspections – Ensure It’s Built Right
New construction inspections are performed before the buyer accepts and takes responsibility of the home from the builder. A detailed inspection is performed to identify both minor and major discrepancy items to provide the buyer with a list of items for the builder to repair or address before final acceptance. You may be surprised what is found during new construction inspections, as not all builders are created equal.

Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspections
A pre-warranty expiration inspection is performed to provide the new homeowner an extensive “Punch List” to give to the builder, so they can repair or address discrepancy items before the 1-year warranty expires.

Radon Test
A radon test is performed to identify the level of radon gas that may be present in the home you are buying. The presence of radon gas is prevalent in the state of Colorado, including El Paso County and surrounding areas. Radon has been known to cause lung cancer and can be harmful to your health. We use an independent local laboratory to provide you an accurate test of the radon level in the home you are buying of the home where you currently live.

Sewer Scope
A sewer scope is a video inspection of the main and secondary sewer lines from the house to the city tap or septic tank. A sewer scope is highly recommended for homes built in the early 1980’s and earlier, and/or homes with mature trees within the property.

Water Test
Water tests are performed on private wells to determine the quality of the water produced by the well, to ensure it is safe for human consumption.

Our Gift to You

Free Omega Maintenance Book

With every inspection, we offer a free Home Maintenance Manual ($25.95 Value). This manual is a 96-page full-color book covering how to maintain your home and save energy.

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